Search Engine Optimisation is one of the prominent options that enables any website to get hike fully in the arena of search engines. This tool is one of the best tools digital marketing that helps the business to grow on the steady come rapid pace. There are also different types of SEO that is done and all types of them we offer.
In this era of being at the top in search engine rankings, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can make your online presence more optimized to directly reach your target customers. Although there are several search engines, Google dominates them all. SEO, which is acronymically written as Search Engine Optimization is a technical procedure to achieve the apex ranking for your website in different search engines viz. Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. To help you boost your web traffic and give you more business leads, potential customers who need your product or service. Today for the popularity of any website the most important thing is the SEO work done on it. SEO is the most core important things when it comes to making your business a global player.

Importance of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) here, the word “optimize” means the effective and best use of the website and its content to achieve a higher ranking in search results by incorporating highly searchable keywords or links associated with the website. You’ve heard a thousand times that SEO is an essential digital tool for an online business. SEO consists of different elements that can be used to make your website more visible to people, increased visibility means higher traffic and more opportunity to convert visitors into business.
TexTricks offers the best SEO services that make sure your website appears on the first page of a Google search. We are not limited to Google only, according to the business location, we also provide optimization in other search engines. Being a budding company, you have launched a good and impressive website, but you are not getting as traffic as desired. It is true that people hardly go beyond the first page of a website searched the links but, still, you are doing nothing about it, but at the same time want to increase traffic on it, then do believe it’s nothing more than a daydream. Google algorithm will consider your website as a genuine one, once you start ranking high on the most searched keywords, and your long-term SEO efforts will help you maintain your high ranking even without spending a penny.

Organic Search

The Organic search is part of SEO as it is done by blogs, articles classifieds posting and other activities that involves effort but not any paid activity. This method is quite famous and it gives flourishing results for longer duration.

On-Page SEO

This on page SEO is equally important like the off-page SEO because off page SEO can only show the better results when the on-page SEO is properly done. The on-page Seo involves many steps that actually helps in optimisation of the website.

Link Building

This is part of off page SEO, which compliments on page SEO by providing it powerful backlinks from the off-page elements such as blogs, articles, PR, classifieds and so on. These backlinks works like power rooster that provides results to the client on and it also helps in bringing traffic to the website.

SEO Activities

There are multiple activities that is involved in the SEO activity and they are as following-

  • Change in the Meta title
  • Proper change in the Meta description
  • Insertion of the Keyword
  • OG tag
  • ALT Text
  • Making the Information available
  • Insertion of the Keyword with proper density
  • Building Links in the off-page
  • Social media campaigns

Our SEO Services

Textricks uses authentic SEO practices and techniques to make your website more visible to the internet world. It happens a lot of times when an Internet user stick to only some specific websites to search their queries on Google, Why? Because they provide an easy and quick solution for their query. Over the years, Google has developed several algorithms, user behaviors, and techniques to increase the rank of websites which provides the top rank to those sites that provide the best and most suitable response. Such organic traffic is one of the biggest sources to drive more sales and business to your website.
To create your identity and build a brand image, a consistent ranking high on the search results page is required. The best SEO Experts excel in performing the recommended ethical SEO practice along with proper On-Page and Off-Page SEO as per the Google guidelines is a necessity. You will begin to frequently enjoy more traffic, an increased number of returning users, and more loyal customers than those below on the search results page, once you begin to have a competitive edge by consistently putting high on the SERP. In a nutshell, the more you are visible to the users, the quicker you'll grow as a brand. Optimizing search engines does not imply any significant paid promotion because it is a cost-effective strategy that could help a website rank at the top of the search engine results page. This is not only restricted to the increase in organic traffic, but also more clicks than PPC. On top of this, you don't have to pay for commercials. It’s a long term strategy that increases your local as well as global customers over time.

We Also provide

Keyword Research

The task of researching the keyword is the prior task of SEO because in this segment the entire game remains around the keyword and its density. Textrick ensures to find the relevant keyword that suits your business aspects more and then the insertion of the keyword is done in the website content as well as in other elements like blogs, PR, articles, classifieds and many other things. Our research team always make sure that the density of the keyword is proper and we present the best results before the given time.

On-Page SEO

There are many people, who are unaware about the aspects of on-page SEO because they don’t know its power. The on-page SEO is done with the motive to compliment the strength of Off-page Seo as the off-page Seo can only present the best results once it gets the proper support of on-page Seo. The team of Textricks always make sure that on-page Seo is always done before heading off for off-page Seo, so that the results on the giant Google can be visible to client within shorter span. Henceforth, it is always important for the digital marketers to follow the trend and make the on-page Seo changes instantly for better results and Textrick is always there to do that.

Off-Page SEO

As mentioned-above, the off-page SEO is done for getting flourishing results on Google. The off-page SEO involves the writing and posting of blogs, articles, classifieds, PR and many other essential elements. The activity of off-page does involve the bookmarking activity, so that the website can start proceeding towards the top pages of Google. Getting enlisted and coming in top is not that easy because in the off-page activities it does involve the paid activities, which boost the website to get enlisted in the top of Google list. Hence, once these steps are taken on the prior basis, the website get enlisted in top ranking and also shows good traffic on it.

How we are different?

TexTricks are provided ethical industry-leading SEO services with the use of its wide knowledge and vast experience we make your website more search engine friendly. Right traffic can be turned to your website and more and more online users retain on your site with our SEO services. Our expert team of SEO uses their skills to make your website SEO and algorithm friendly. Our Services package will surely make your company ranking on the TOP Global search result. With the latest promotion strategies, we can increase the visibility of your website on the first page of Google search. Our techniques are time-tested and proved to match all the major search engine algorithms. We ensure that you get more leads with this boost of SEO in your business.

An expert of search engine optimization works with dedication to amplify your online presence, through the proper use of keyword on your website. The work of an SEO Consultancy is the most important in the domain of search engine optimization. Normal work can be done through link construction that is used by semi-skilled professionals, but it necessitates an equally skilled and experienced expert to guide their clients with appropriate consultancy as per their requirement to help them prepare a plan that works well. TexTricks is the best SEO Service Company in India, provides an affordable SEO service. A freshly built website is full of errors as per the SEO standard as the designers or developers are not aware of the essential techniques that are profitable for SEO. The majority of the masses, especially those who are new to the online business world anticipated that SEO Services to only be required once they've got their site prepared and live, but the fact is that the function of a professional SEO Services Company comes in important role way before you actually begin building your website. SEO should remain an essential component in the development of your business model from the very first stage. Its the selection of technology, where we assist you throughout the entire business development process. And if you desire to improve your presence online, then SEO service comes in handy and our specialists are at your service in all these.

An experienced expert in Search engine optimization (SEO) improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines, Viz. Natural and unpaid search results. In universal, the earlier and frequent your website appears in the search results list, the more visitors you will receive from the search engine's users. Get your business to the next level with our groundwork knowledge and systematic approach. Our actions are primarily promotion centered to make your website visible in the global internet market. Our perfectly planned SEO strategy immediately fit your business requirements. Our perfectly planned SEO strategy immediately fits your business requisites. An SEO expert should be knowledgeable with the finest ethical strategies as well as the Google algorithms. To reach not only the users of various search engines but also the most commonly used social media platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube SEO is considered an important tool in doing so. With unbeatable efficiency, here we, study the whole strategy of your business. We here provide the solutions that are perpetually in your business’s favor. Our SEO experts know what it takes to establish an image online and do whatever it takes to improve it.