Software Development

Software Development

In the modern world, software products appeal to the user. However, rapid development and creative applications remain top priorities. If you are looking for software development services, we can assist you in developing innovative and attractive software products while reducing time to market. What can you anticipate when you work with us? Our approach to software development aims to guarantee excellence, quality, and timely processing.

The software is more than a well-designed framework of programming procedures that can be used on both computers and smartphones. High-end hardware requires cutting-edge software to operate efficiently.


Software Development Services

By supervising various customers with a wide range of needs, we have hands-on experience in creating custom programming plans. It is at the exhibition stage that our R & D experts will sit down with you and your partners to conduct a measurable and authentic exam and the feasibility review of your business stack to create safe and versatile apps that align with your variation frames. After the representation, it is about building the product, mirroring the plane pixel by pixel.

As a result, our custom software development department intends to manufacture a scalable front-end and back-end supported with the required security. Using cascading programming advancement strategies and the Scrum programming enhancement approach, we refined our results. From a mechanized system undeniably for Smartphone and the web, we take possession to transmit your article which is close to without fault. Programming at the ERP level requires as many tests as integrity in the enhancement step. From manual testing to mechanized testing measurements, we deal with every test and every accomplishment we create. The kinds of tests we follow incorporate, Unit, Manual, Regression to Safety, and Google site admin testing; we do it all.

We follow the customer business planning to make a great UI-UX plan. Our phenomenal group of developers currently will get together to make personas that are a realistic representation of your crowds and specialized business limitations. Next, a layout is made to characterize the AI of the element which invites the contours of low constancy.    It gives us input to rehearse and push forward to the high consistent wire-framing and prototyping. What’s the outcome? An assertive bug-free app that pleases customers and makes the board of directors a breeze. An extremely fast user interface that is stable overall gadgets, make sure that the user makes sound decisions.

The final task is the deployment of what we have developed to date. It's difficult, but not for us. We actively follow a list of best practices to make sure we don't miss anything significant. We understand the complex steps and key performance indicators that are important for uploading the application on the server and performing real-time tests. Our developers have expertise in the right deployment tools and integration servers with a reverse strategy to resolve errors.

What we do?

We improve the productivity, quality, and precision of your organization with software. It helps you grow your business and deliver the desired outcome on the global market within a minimum time frame.

Custom software development for the cloud and SaaS, TexTricks is a leader in custom software development that provides world-class complex software solutions for a broad range of technology platforms, From Fortune-500 enterprises to emerging start-ups. Our track record of success has existed for more than a decade, in particular by helping to develop thousands of successful software. The combination of extensive technical expertise and outstanding client satisfaction commitments have been a clear choice for companies seeking custom software development services, complete in-house resources to provide individual project components, and integrate the latest technologies leveraging existing technologies.

We use the company infrastructure to create complex, interactive, and multimedia software solutions. We are a leader in customized software development that provides world-class complex software solutions for a wide range of technology platforms, we provide SaaS solutions where you can use our top-notch, fully customized software solutions for your business needs. We develop software for a wide variety of industries and companies of all sizes. From accounting to human resource management, banking and financial services, hotels and healthcare, and much more, we have pre-compiled software for your unique business needs. Amaze your clients by creating excellent software quickly and reliably.

combines proven agility with the design mindset to ensure clients remain at the center of the software development cycle. We firmly believe that this approach is a major differentiator for our software development capabilities. Our agile method of choice is Scrum, a product development approach that is iterative and incremental for project management. This is the perfect choice to outsource management software development by allowing the flexibility of the software production process while offering the best combination of control and visibility. With a broad range of other industries, we offer interactive software solutions for the banking industry and we strive to make users completely satisfied!

Software architecture.

Successful software requires an advanced and innovative software architecture. The development platform requires sophisticated technical capabilities to make the product available in various situations.

Cloud Software Development.

We create cloud-based software solutions that provide additional cloud power to your business.    Software development services include developing and deploying software in the cloud and SaaS domains.

We'll do it together.

We make it possible for you to succeed in the digital world. Connect with our experts and steer the project towards success.

Omni-channel is our responsibility and we will merge it into all your business solutions so that each customer will get the best experience from all services. Our professional development team at TexTricks has many years of experience in the core areas of usability.

We have a great passion for software development. We understand the significance of developing software in the real world. We use the latest processes and methodologies to simplify our software development process, which is good for us and our customers. Our methods for developing software are adapted according to the nature and scope of the project.

Our software development services are recognized for the implementation of industry-leading practices. As a result of our software development services, we have always made our customers extremely happy. Our suite of software development services encompasses everything necessary for building any software. Our software development services are available in any technology and we cater to customers around the world.

Our client-centered approach and extensive experience in custom software development in India will allow you to get the right product with an application process workflow, database, and graphical user interface. The team focuses on the right GUI that reflects the brand of your business and makes the software easy to use and work in your business environment.

It is designed to:

  • Control data access, depending on the roles of the users.
  • Make it easier to store and retrieve data.
  • Minimize duplicate repetitive entries.
  • Increase ease of reporting.
  • Application Security
  • QA as well as software testing.
  • Product Development
  • Development of customized CRM software.
  • PHP Development Services
  • CakePHP
  • CodeIgniter Web Framework
  • PHP 5 to PHP 7 Transition.
  • Symfony Framework
  • CMS Migration
  • Developing the CMS framework.
  • Reengineering and upgrading.
  • Incorporation of third-party applications.
  • Business Intelligence Software Solutions
  • Design & development of BI solutions.
  • Development of personalized healthcare software.
  • CRM for healthcare to enhance efficiency and cost.
  • Lab, Practice Management S/W Integration
  • HIPPA Compliance Building
  • E-prescription through Sure Personalization and Development scripts.
  • Enhance communication among users.
  • Enable large numbers of people to contribute and share stored information.
  • Software Prototyping
  • Technology Consulting
  • Integrating enterprise applications.
  • Workflow Management
  • Maintenance and sustainment.
  • Customize, develop and implement SugarCRM.
  • YII Framework
  • Laravel Software Development
  • Zend Framework
  • Customize and implement CMS.
  • WordPress Development
  • Drupal Development
  • Application Re-Engineering
  • Operational improvements and upgrades.
  • Migrating and managing data.
  • Upgradation of Platform or language
  • Implement combined analyses.
  • Architect Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Designing and developing the EMR interface.
  • HL7 integration through MIRTH Connect.
  • Automation of patient care.
  • Developing telemedicine software.
  • TexTricks, an India based IT service provider, deals in all kind of Digital Business services vary from WEB Development, WEB App Development, Software Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, and WEB Design, Etc.

    We always stand with our motto “Perfection with Practicality” and strive to provide a unique solution within a short period. Our team uses modern technology to build perfect applications and websites through RUBY, PYTHON, PHP, JAVA, and ASP.NET. We work on all the popular CMS viz. WORDPRESS, MAGENTO, JOOMLA, and DRUPAL, Etc. Our team is capable of working with all Frameworks viz. React JS, Node JS, Angular JS, Laravel, Etc.