Search Engine Optimisation is one of the prominent options that enables any website to get hike fully in the arena of search engines. This tool is one of the best tools digital marketing that helps the business to grow on the steady come rapid pace. There are also different types of SEO that is done and all types of them we offer.

Organic Search

The Organic search is part of SEO as it is done by blogs, articles classifieds posting and other activities that involves effort but not any paid activity.

On-Page SEO

This on page SEO is equally important like the off-page SEO because off page SEO can only show the better results when the on-page SEO is properly done.

Link Building

This is part of off page SEO, which compliments on page SEO by providing it powerful backlinks from the off-page elements such as blogs, articles, PR, classifieds and so on.

SEO Activities

There are multiple activities that is involved in the SEO activity and they are as following-

  • Change in the Meta title
  • Proper change in the Meta description
  • Insertion of the Keyword
  • OG tag
  • ALT Text
  • Making the Information available
  • Insertion of the Keyword with proper density
  • Building Links in the off-page
  • Social media campaigns

Our SEO Services

Keyword Research-

The task of researching the keyword is the prior task of SEO because in this segment the entire game remains around the keyword and its density. Textrick ensures to find the relevant keyword that suits your business aspects more and then the insertion of the keyword is done in the website content as well as in other elements like blogs, PR, articles, classifieds and many other things. Our research team always make sure that the density of the keyword is proper and we present the best results before the given time.

On-Page SEO-

There are many people, who are unaware about the aspects of on-page SEO because they don’t know its power. The on-page SEO is done with the motive to compliment the strength of Off-page Seo as the off-page Seo can only present the best results once it gets the proper support of on-page Seo. The team of Textricks always make sure that on-page Seo is always done before heading off for off-page Seo, so that the results on the giant Google can be visible to client within shorter span. Henceforth, it is always important for the digital marketers to follow the trend and make the on-page Seo changes instantly for better results and Textrick is always there to do that.

Off-Page SEO-

As mentioned-above, the off-page SEO is done for getting flourishing results on Google. The off-page SEO involves the writing and posting of blogs, articles, classifieds, PR and many other essential elements. The activity of off-page does involve the bookmarking activity, so that the website can start proceeding towards the top pages of Google. Getting enlisted and coming in top is not that easy because in the off-page activities it does involve the paid activities, which boost the website to get enlisted in the top of Google list. Hence, once these steps are taken on the prior basis, the website get enlisted in top ranking and also shows good traffic on it.

Our expertise in all these services helps us to provide you with extraordinary results to your utmost satisfaction. The Professionals here at TexTricks understand the tools and technologies required to deliver your project on time. They walk every extra mile to fulfill your requirements. We always believe in the philosophy of “Scratch to Wrap” hence able to provide you tailor-made solutions.

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